I Dub Thee “The Old Hi & Bye”

For context, I began the Google UX Design Professional Certificate course last year, and have tentatively posted about my journey since then. I have given myself a little challenge for this month, to push myself to do better and go faster than I did last month.

Challenge 1: Design 2 screens for a delivery service app.

In trying to succeed at this first challenge while also spending as little time as possible on it, I designed a welcome page and a confirmation page for a delivery service app. I thought it was a very clever solution to my dilemma as I would push out a quick two screens without having to labour over competitive audits, user research and testing, or even site/user journey mapping! Think of it as more Gestalt, less problem-solving.

One screen says hi, and the immediate next and only other screen says thanks and bye! The old Hi & Bye! Millions of UX designers years from now will reference this post as the origin of this helpful design trick, just watch and see.

And so, this very simplistic design came about. I enjoyed doing this design because:

  • It was good practice.
  • I used grids and now feel fractionally more comfortable with them.
  • It gave me a break from Adobe XD which I’ve been using for practice lately.
  • The simplified design can be described as “minimalist, clean, straightforward and useful,” which is really what every designer wants. (Also because there were very few elements used to begin with, but let’s ignore that.)
  • I played around with mockup plugins for the first time.
  • The design gave me a reason to post about UX design, thus crossing another item off my itinerary for the month. Amazing.

Feel free to drop all sorts of reviews that could help me improve.

The old Hi & Bye, UX design edition.




Clinging tenaciously to the buttocks of life. On twitter @_theamena

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Joy Mamudu

Joy Mamudu

Clinging tenaciously to the buttocks of life. On twitter @_theamena

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